Welcome to the website for Martin Lavansch - A singer in the old style. One man and his acoustic guitar, singing well known songs by well known songwriters. No backing tracks or drum machines (although he has been known to use "harmony pedal" from time to time).

He used to write his own material - but decided that other peoples efforts were much better to listen to than his!!!  Have a listen to some of the samples on the site - all recorded "live" in one take - exactly as they get played at live performances.

It should be noted that he has always been asked back to play at any venue he has visited (well - with the exception of  wedding performances.... although he has been booked for  the silver wedding anniversary  of a couple who were entertained by him at their wedding in 2015 .... he may have to miss that one!!)

The video clips and most of the sound recordings were produced on his iPad so don't expect HD or perfect sound.... but you'll get the message.  His strength is in his vocals ..... enjoy!